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Study Seeks Paddlers’ Input

Researchers at Virginia Tech who are running a major statewide study of recreational boating are looking for the names of avid paddlers to have a large sample group for a survey this fall. The survey will also tap people with fishing licenses, so if you paddle but don’t fish, they could really use your input by the end of August, 2016.

Providing your name and contact information will put you in a pool from which they will randomly select participants for the survey. It does not guarantee that you will be surveyed.

Participating in the statewide mail/web-based survey this fall is an opportunity for the paddler community to share their intentions, attitudes, and desires about boating and water access in Virginia, and in turn, have a voice in the management process.  Learn more about the study here.

Let’s make sure the Shenandoah is well represented. If you would like to be added to the pool, please share your name, mailing address, and preferred email address with researcher Faren Wolter.

[email protected]
Faren R. Wolter, Ph.D., CWB
Research Associate
Virginia Tech
Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (MC 0321)
101 Cheatham Hall (mail)
310 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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