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Shenandoah County R2/R3 Zoning — April 2018

The following is from our partners at the Shenandoah Forum. Please contact them for further information.   [email protected]


April 17, 2018
Board of Supervisor Meeting – Tues, April 24 @ 7:00pm
Thanks to everyone who contacted your planning commissioner to encourage the county to plan for neighborhood-style improvements as they consider increasing the density in areas near our towns.
This proposed R2/R3 zoning change now moves to the Board of Supervisors for a vote on Tues, April 24th at 7:00pm.
Please ask your supervisor to DEFER action on the R2/R3 zoning change and allow the county planning staff to put together a complete plan — one that addresses the questions raised during the Planning Commission process both by the commissioners and the public.
Basic town-style amenities, like sidewalks, off-street, downcast lighting, and good stormwater management, should go hand-in-hand with the proposal to increase density.
In response to a request from a land developer, the county is considering a proposal to reduce the lot size and create more buildable lots in the county’s R-2 and R-3 zoning districts where public utilities are present.
This proposed change would apply to land in the two districts of the county with central water and sewer facilities. Bryce’s Stoney Creek Sanitary District includes 1,342 acres zoned R-2 and 143 acres zoned R-3 total. Of that, approximately 50% is developed. The Toms Brook-Maurertown Sanitary District encompasses 328 acres zoned R-2 and 45 acres zoned R-3. Approximately 60% of that is developed.
The county’s comprehensive plan calls for directing new growth in and around the towns. Please ensure that as we grow, we are creating livable, walkable communities with amenities, such as connected streets, sidewalks, parks, off-street parking, downcast lighting and other features, that make small town living appealing to all ages and income groups.
There is no need for the county to rush this process. Let’s make sure the zoning change is part of a complete plan that fits with our county’s long-term vision.
Ask supervisors to send the R2/R3 zoning change back to county planning staff for more details! 
We want the county to send forward a complete plan for the R-2/R-3 districts — a plan that creates livable neighborhoods, not just more buildable lots.

Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors

District #1: Dick Neese, 540.740.3414
District #2: Steve Baker, 540.477.3550
District #3: Richard Walker, 540.459.3149
District #4: Karl Roulston, 540.984.7800
District #5: Dennis Morris, 540.335.0526
District #6: Conrad Helsley, 540.481.6176
Thanks for your help in keeping Shenandoah County a wonderful place to live!

Planning Commission History of proposed R2/R3 Text Amendment – [email protected]
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