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This year, show your friends and loved ones you care by making a donation to Friends of the North Fork in their name.  Your gift will directly support our work for the health of our river by supporting programs in community action, education, and advocacy.  Upon receiving your gift, we will send a personalized letter to the person to let them know of your thoughtful donation and their honorary membership. At your choosing, we will include the amount of your gift.  Look below for a sample of the card for your recipient and the work your gift supports.

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Some of Our 2020 Successes:

Hosting a successful 5-week hybrid online Summer Environmental Education Program, Summer Stream Adventure with Friends registered 104 children, ages 4-17. 

Thwarting two ill-advised special use permits, one of which would have placed a rodeo in the floodplain of Smith Creek, and one requesting permission for a commercial campground on the River’s banks without due consideration of impacts on the River.

●  Partnering with Virginia Eagle Distributing employees to clear over 3,000 pounds of trash from the River.

●  Organizing four North Fork Trash Challenges, leading to 25+ site clean-ups.

●  Save Happy Creek, joining together with conservation colleagues in the area to stop clear cutting along Happy Creek and begin a sustainable plan for this historic stream’s rehabilitation.

Scenic River Designation, assisting with the process to designate 8.8 miles of the North Fork flanking Seven Bends State Park as a Virginia Scenic River.

Running our first year-round Seasonal Photo Contest, engaging more people in our organization and in our mission through sharing of their admiration of our diverse land- and water-scapes.

Our Upcoming Work:

● Increased involvement in the Shenandoah Valley Conservation Collaborative for on-the-ground volunteer projects to reduce both sediments and nutrient pollution in our waterways.

● Continuing our strong partnerships with local school systems and educators to fill the need for outdoor and environmental education in challenging times for public education.

● Developing online environmental education modules to provide virtual field trips and other learning experiences to students remotely.

● Rolling out a new Benthic MacroInvertebrate Citizen Science Monitoring Program to get a baseline of ecological health for the North Fork and its tributaries.

Launching our new Watershed Community Engagement Program, with “What is My Watershed Address?,” a web- tool for all residents, with a focus on home-life decision-making and learning.