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May 16 & 17

Join the staff of Friends (remotely!) for our next weekend of independently led, COVID-safe, trash pick-ups.  Pick your favorite river or stream spot, or a place in your neighborhood or local park. Grab your gloves and bags, and pick up any litter you see. Then, send us a photo of yourself and your bagged litter along with a description of the location you chose to [email protected] by Monday, May 18th. See registration below…

Your photos will be posted along with all of our other stewards’ successes.  Then we’ll randomly select an entrant and award a $30 gift card to their choice from several local restaurants and cafés. If you also post your photos, and tag us, you’ll be entered into a second bonus drawing. #northforktrashchallenge

We would love to read about your event.  So, feel free to send us a description of your experience.  And, if you find a site for a future, organized clean-up event, let us know so we can add it to our list for future clean-up efforts.

When you share your photos on social media (#northforktrashchallenge) you help spread inspiration for our next self-led clean-up event.

Sign up here to be a part of this event.  Please be sure register, and review the safety guidelines in our waive. Practice safe hygiene and social distancing before, during, and after your cleanup.Please Share This

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