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North Fork Trash Challenge IV

Good river stewards clean up at the beloved Blue Hole in Rockingham County.

Friends is at it again! Join us (remotely!) for the next weekend (August 22 & 23) of our monthly, independently led, COVID-safe, trash pick-ups.  Have you noticed trash collecting at a spot on the river, stream or in your neighborhood or local park? Grab your gloves and bags, and pick up any litter you see. Then, send us a photo of yourself and your bagged litter along with a description of the location you chose to [email protected] by Monday, August 24th.

Your photos will be posted along with all of our other stewards’ successes.  Then we’ll randomly select three entrants and award a $30 gift card to their choice from several local restaurants and cafés. Our local business supporters this month, so far, include Jackson’s Cafe in New Market, Penelope’s Cafe in Edinburg, Fort Valley Nursery in Woodstock, C & C Frozen Treats in Front Royal, Shaffer’s BBQ in Middletown, Old Dominion Doggery & Burger Shoppe in Strasburg… and the list is growing!

Sign up here to be a part of this event. Please be sure to register, and review the safety guidelines in our waiver. Practice safe hygiene and social distancing before, during, and after your cleanup.

We would love to read about your work.  So, feel free to send us a description of your experience.  And, if you find a site for a future, organized clean-up event, let us know so we can add it to our list for future clean-up efforts.

When you share your photos on social media (#northforktrashchallenge) you help spread inspiration for our next self-led clean-up event.


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