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2021 Earth Day Trash Challenge

Join the ranks of avid river stewards (remotely!) this Earth Day weekend and help to keep the river clean! Participate individually or as part of a group. Pick your favorite river or stream spot, a place in your neighborhood, or a local park. Grab your gloves and bags, and pick up any litter you see. Help us show how much can be accomplished when we all, individually, make the choice to be a part of the solution.

Promote random acts of kindness for our community and the environment and help us reach our goal of one ton of trash collected! Send photos of your cleanup to us at along with a description of the location you chose and estimated pounds of trash collected, and we will post the results on our website and social media.

Sign up here to be a part of this great event! Make sure to review our safety guidelines in the waiver, wear gloves, and practice robust sanitation before, during, and after your cleanup!