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At The Outset — A Note From the Director

People have always gathered around water.  It is necessity itself.

Like you, I’ve spent some of my best times in and on our River.  Helping to protect this for both of us requires meaningful actions and clear observations.  Part of my task is to watch the flows… not only the gathering of waters, the health within them, and the movements of resources, but also the accumulations of recreational joys and agricultural rewards — even the expansion and migration of knowledge within and flowing out of our watershed-classroom.  The Valley and watershed have been that and more for each of us.  They have been a source of food, of education, of experience, joy, and wonder; even a vehicle for building our community and relationships.

Friends has entered its 32nd year of attending to, and amending, the balance between these gleanings and the river that feeds them.  Every year we learn more about the elements of that balance.  And, every year we are focused on developing and — together — implementing creative solutions.  You’re a part of it – and, if not yet, you can be — through education, advocacy, research, and hands-on stewardship.  And, I’m glad to be in a position to foster all of this good work, and more. I encourage you to sign up for one of our workshops, volunteer with us — outdoors or in, join us for a summer camp, or monitor the health of a stream near your home.

My part in this is to help you – all of us – enjoy the gifts of a healthy watershed, and to make it easy for you to support that health.  There is a reciprocal relationship — between us and the river.  And, it benefits us all to engage in it. You can count on me to always be deepening my knowledge of the North Fork, keeping up to date on evolving concerns throughout the watershed, expanding Friends’ relationships with allies, partners, and a wide range of stakeholders; and supporting and developing creative, engaging, and always substantive ways of advancing our goal of a healthy, vital North Fork watershed. I welcome your involvement, and look forward to supporting your engagement with your River.


David V. Brotman