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Celebrate Seven Bends!

by show curator Ellen Fairchild-Flugel

The Celebrate Seven Bends art show at Muse Vineyards provided a beautiful backdrop for Friends’ “Wine on the Water” fundraising event! With over 100 attendees, everyone enjoyed the great food and wine, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, and getting to know the artists that were selected for this exhibition.

Special thanks to the show’s artists: Barbara Camph, Penelope Carroll, Ann Cheeks, Debra Cooper, Maureen Crisman, Lynne Crumpacker, Alice Findler, Ellen Fairchild-Flugel, Diane Gould, Jewel Hertzler, August Hoerr, Marty Hoerr, Holly Huddle, Liz Karaffa, Kathy Kavanaugh, Glenn Richardson, Kim Juda Souder, and Laurel Vaughan

Executive Director David Brotman introduced himself, thanked everyone for coming, and encouraged everyone to volunteer!

Kim Juda Souder
August Hoerr

Diane Gould
Chief Park Ranger Tom Stevens and Muse proprietor and Friends Board member Sally Cowal

Thank you to event volunteers Jane Cain, Debra Cooper, and Maxine Falyar. And to hosts Sally Cowal & Muse Vineyards, who are donating 30% of proceeds to Friends in support of Seven Bends State Park. Thanks also to all of our members who made it a fun and fantastic event!

“Celebrate Seven Bends” will be exhibited through August at Muse Vineyards. Visit Muse Vineyards, 16 Serendipity Lane in Woodstock, Thursday through Sunday 12-8pm.
Support Friends (and local artists!) by purchasing some beautiful art!