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Check out these easy-to-do actions you can take to help keep the North Fork flowing healthy and strong.


Build a rain barrel with Friends!

Friends of the North Fork is offering two rain barrel building workshops this fall!  Signups are through Shenandoah County Parks and Rec.  We will update this page and social media with a sign up link when it becomes available.

Resources for Water Conservation Actions

Low-Flow Aerators/ Showerheads: Learn all about the fixtures that can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%, how they work, where to source, and how to install them.

How to build your own rain barrel:  Can’t attend our workshops? Winchester City gives you all you need to know, including a PowerPoint presentation, about making a rain barrel on your own.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn Responsibly: Read some quick tips and get links to more in-depth resources from the University of Maryland Extension and Department of Agriculture. While we don’t have a fertilizer law in Virginia, these resources can walk you through how to calculate the correct amount of fertilizer to use.

Lawn Aeration Guide: Learn how and when to aerate your lawn.

Local Nurseries to Source Native, Dry-Loving Plants: