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Earth Day 2015

It’s that day again. The news has been promoting recycling andKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA running stories about the environment. Businesses are touting their efforts to go green. And we want to remind you that every bit of that effort is worth trying.

Not only does every day need to be Earth Day, we also need to think in much longer terms if we want to heal the planet, halt the environmentally caused suffering of the world’s poorer peoples, and just clean up our little river so our kids and grandkids can fish and swim in the future.

Earth Day reminds us that our tiny efforts do add up; however, it can also overwhelm us as we confront larger forces that seem beyond our control, like melting glaciers, dwindling groundwater supplies, or complex chemicals now found in our environment and in our bodies.

I wish I could tell you it’s all gonna be just fine. I hope that’s true as I know many of you do. With knowledge of these problems, comes great responsibility.

As we kick off another Earth year here in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, let’s think hard about how we can make our place–our region, our watershed, our communities, our homes, our little streams and rivers–the healthiest, most efficient, least wasteful possible. Let’s vow to do those little things that can help, like installing rain barrels, being careful when we water or use fertilizers, and teaching our children to value and cherish the wonders of this amazing natural environment.

But let’s also be sure to pay attention to the big problems. Let’s really understand the science behind the policies that can lead to positive changes in our society, our economy, and ultimately, the health and well-being of our children and those everywhere. Let’s be informed and active advocates for change that pushes our part of the world in the right direction.

Earth Day can remind us that there’s a private role each of us plays, but it is private citizens like you who make up the public that drives large changes.

Pick the scale that suits you and work hard. We certainly appreciate it, and so does the river.