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Our planet’s water sources are all connected. Springs that begin in mountains will find their way down and form streams that come together to form larger streams and rivers. Rivers flow and combine until they reach the oceans. Our actions upstream have cumulative effects on the water quality downstream. Learn more about water sources, our watershed, and how our waterways connect us all. 

Learn about how upstream water sources have an effect on downstream:

Read articles from around the world that show effects of upstream water quality on downstream sources:

Take one of the actions below or come up with your own activity in celebration of World Oceans Day and share it with us at to enter in our World Oceans Day Challenge!

  • Draw Your Way to the Bay– Let this activity guide you in making a drawing of the path from your watershed to the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Complete an art project inspired by watersheds and their relationships to each other and the ocean.
  • Create a model watershed illustrating the downstream process using this tutorial from the Izaak Walton League or come up with your own idea for one using recycled materials.