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We are so glad that your student will be joining us for the North Fork Explorers Summer Camp!

This is an involved partnership between Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in Woodstock, Virginia,   Experience Learning, up on Spruce Knob Mountain in West Virginia, and our local Shenandoah County Parks and Recreation program. We apologies for any delays or confusion this has caused.

UPDATE on TRAVEL:  We now have two vans running that can meet at two different locations for pickup and drop off  for West Virginia. Choose the one most convenient for you. 

Be at one of these locations on June 19 at 9:30 am, for a 10:00 am departure in vans to West Virginia.

Because a number of you are coming from near Charlottesville and points east, we are adding a van pickup at the McDonalds in Staunton. The other van will still come to Woodstock.



June 19th – 22st will be spent at the Spruce Knob Mountain Center in Circleville, West Virginia.

Contact in West Virginia. 

Experience Learning Inc.  Spruce Knob Mountain Center   18 Woodlands Way  Circleville, WV 26804
Email:   Phone: 304-567-2632

If you’re curious about where this place is:  CLICK  HERE FOR A MAP TO SPRUCE KNOB MOUNTAIN CENTER IN WEST  VIRGINIA

We will be departing Spruce Knob Mountain Center on Thursday, July 22 at 11:00 am to return to Woodstock and Staunton. We will be making one stop along the way for hiking, and will be back to have campers picked up at 5:00 pm.

Campers are expected to stay at home Thursday night.

If you do not live locally, you will need to find accommodations for Thursday night.

On Friday, June 23, we will be meeting at Friends of the North Fork Office in Woodstock again, then travel to the Deer Rapids Boat Landing at 9:00 am, near Strasburg, Virginia for a Kayak Trip on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in Shenandoah County. We will be ending at approximately 3:00 pm at the Strasburg Town Park.  (Directions will be provided at Monday’s check-in).

At North Fork Explorers Summer Camp, we will be spending a lot of time “in the field”, exploring streams, the river, forested areas, a cave and other locations.

We are including four important handouts provided by Experience Learning (formerly The Mountain Institute) that you should read as soon as possible:

  1. Introductory Letter and Packing List
  2. Medical Release Form (fill out and bring with you)
  3. Nut Policy
  4. Schedule of events at Spruce Knob Mountain Center

We are also including the following information from Route 11 Outfitters for the Kayak Trip on Friday:

Kayak trip Release Waiver Form  PLEASE FILL OUT AND BRING FOR FRIDAY

  • Parents or guardians should visit the website and have their student watch the safety video online. You should also review, print and sign the waiver and bring the waiver with you on Monday.
  • Every participant will be outfitted with their own Kayak that is 10’ long, a life jacket and paddle. The kayaks have a compartment on them that you can store a bottle of water and a few items or a small cooler or dry bag. We suggest that no one bring anything of value as it could get wet, damaged or lost. The section of the river you will float is calm and should be easy for a beginner or someone who has never kayaked before. You will be entering the River at the Deer Rapids boat landing, and ending at the Strasburg Park.
  • Make sure that students have on light weight clothing, proper shoes, such as old tennis shoes or river shoes (no flip flops), bring plenty of water, and wear sunblock. Apply sunscreen before you arrive, or bring some with you. We will also have some on hand if you forget.  Just a little note – even though the kayaks are sit in,  the top half of your legs will be exposed and can get sunburned please remember to put sunblock on them as well.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please contact me directly at  or call me at 540.810.2258.

John Eckman, Executive Director