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Our river can sometimes be dangerous. Be safe and have fun.

Follow these guidelines from the Virginia Department of Health for spending time in and around natural waters:

  • Avoid swimming in natural waters for a few days after a heavy rain event.
  • Avoid swallowing water when swimming.
  • Avoid getting water shot up your nose when swimming.
  • Avoid swimming or wading in with open wounds or cuts.
  • Look for posted signs near the swimming area.
  • Don’t swim in areas where there are dead fish present.
  • Don’t swim if you are ill.
  • Shower with soap and clean water after swimming.
  • Avoid swimming in muddy water of lakes, ponds, and rivers.
  • Avoid swimming in unfamiliar ponds, streams, creeks, ditches, and canals.
  • Be aware of local weather conditions prior to recreational activities.

Friends also recommends avoiding contact with water that has large amounts of algae or foam.

Keep us informed of what you are seeing, good or bad, in the changes to water quality you encounter in and around the North Fork. Volunteer with us to help us get better information about the state of the waters throughout our watershed.

Download our FNFSR River Safety postcard here.

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