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Plastic Pollution is one of the most severe problems our oceans face.  It is also something we can address in our local community, through direct action as well as everyday choices.

Check out some of the videos below to learn about plastic pollution in our oceans and some ways people are combatting it.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch– find out about the mass of trash that is accumulating in the ocean.

Nurdles and their Quest for World Domination– learn about how plastics are made and how they act when they make it into our waterways.

Zero Waste Town– see how a town in Japan produces zero waste.

12 Hacks for Zero Waste– this video talks about low-cost ways to cut down on producing waste.

Zero Waste DIY Ideas– how to create and use reusable food wraps, bowl covers and food storage to reduce single use plastic consumption.

Here are some links to articles you can read with more in depth information about plastic pollution.

National Geographic Kids vs. Plastics– articles and activities for kids to get involved with reducing plastic waste.

Plastic Pollution– from Our World in Data, this in-depth article gives tons of facts and their sources about the scope of the plastic pollution problem.

For more resources about marine plastic pollution, check out the link below.

O.Berk’s Guide to Marine Plastic Pollution– this page contains an abundance of links to resources exploring marine plastic pollution.

Take one of the actions below or come up with your own activity in celebration of World Oceans Day and share it with us at to enter in our World Oceans Day Challenge!

  • Do a cleanup at a public river spot, park, or place in your neighborhood.  Every piece of plastic we can get out of nature is one less likely to end up in the oceans.
  • Complete a Plastics User and Waste Inventory to learn about your plastic usage and reflect on ideas to cut down on the waste you produce.
  • Show us the items you use to cut down on your plastics consumption, like reusable bags, water bottles etc.
  • Make some reusable food wrap, bowl covers and snack bags and send us a picture.
  • Make an art piece related to plastic pollution or to raise awareness about this issue.  Draw, paint, design, write or record!
  • Come up with your own creative way to reduce your plastic consumption or clean up existing plastic litter and share it with us!