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29Apr 22

What Makes a River a River?

A River is a fourth order stream or larger... Wait, what’s a fourth order stream? What’s a stream? Is it the same as a creek? What about a brook, or…

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08Apr 22

Trash-Free Shenandoah Cleanups

This Earth Day weekend, Friends of the North Fork is organizing cleanups throughout the watershed as a part of the Shenandoah Riverkeeper's Trash Free Shenandoah project to clean up all…

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04Apr 22

2022 Spring Lecture Series

250 Years on the North Fork: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead Inspired by Shenandoah County's 250th anniversary this year, Friends has assembled a group of lectures to examine the history…

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29Mar 22

2022 Summer Camps

Registration for Friends of the North Fork camps will be done in conjunction with Shenandoah County Parks and Recreation and will open on May 1, 2022. Shenandoah River Players Summer…

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