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Spot the Trash: Timberville/Broadway

Do you see trash near the river along your regular routes in Timberville/Broadway?

Help us plan Earth Day river cleanups by letting us know where you are seeing it!

Please send an email to including the following information:

  • Which Waterway– While we will be prioritizing sites on the North Fork and Linville Creek, all information is valuable. Please include the name of the waterway that is close to the trash
  • Proximity to Waterway– We will consider areas that are within 100 feet of a waterway
  • Location– Approximate address, or coordinates. (tip: if you drop a pin on your navigation app at the site, it should pull up the coordinates)
  • Photograph– If you can get a snapshot of the area on your phone, please attach it to your email
  • Any Other Info– If you know any other information about the location you are reporting, such as landowner name/contact information, any considerations or hazards to be aware of, good places to park nearby, etc., please include it as well!

Get Involved with Our Earth Day Cleanups

Click here to sign up to help out with, or to sponsor river cleanups in Timberville/Broadway