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Source: flickr Center for Neighborhood Technology.
Rain gardens reduce stormwater runoff pollution while adding beauty.

Check out some of the media links below to learn about this topic:

Take one of the actions below or come up with your own activity in celebration of World Oceans Day and share it with us at [email protected] to enter in our World Oceans Day Challenge!

  • Use the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s tool to design a rain garden for your home.
  • Create a responsible fertilization plan for your lawn or garden.
  • Plot a section of your yard for a native plant garden.
  • If you live along a river or stream, survey your existing riparian buffers and make a plan to improve them.
  • Install a rain barrel, rain garden or other runoff reducing techniques in your yard.
  • Plant a tree. See more about tree planting and maintenance here.
  • Help reduce the amount of pollution in stormwater by calculating your carbon footprint and share ways you can reduce it.
  • Create an infographic or poster on stormwater pollution or on a strategy to reduce stormwater pollution.