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Here is a Sneak Preview of our Summer Stream Adventures with Friends program:

When: June 22 – July 27, Monday – Friday for all 5-weeks, including 30-minute virtual meetings on Mondays and on Fridays, and self-paced activities throughout each week.

Ages 4 – 9:

  • Registered children will receive a calendar on which they can build their own schedule (with the level of guidance their parent sees fit) for each of 5 weeks of programming.
  • Each week, the program has a unique theme. A “Listen and Learn” virtual meeting will be held each Monday to discuss the week’s adventures ahead. (We’re kicking off the program with Mud Week!)
  • There are a wide array of activities to choose from each week, all of which follow that week’s theme. (For example, one Mud Week activity encourages children to pretend to be entomologists and complete a bug scavenger hunt in the mud.)
  • Children will log their summer adventures in a nature journal. They’ll be given prompts for drawing and writing about their thoughts and observations each week.
  • “Show and Share” virtual meetings will be held each Friday.  Participants will share journal entries and talk about favorite activities from the week’s adventures. 
  • While playing and learning in their watershed, children will develop a deeper appreciation for their environment.

Ages 10 – 17

  • Registered youth will receive an unlined nature journal. Together, we’ll learn the art of nature observation and each child will spend some independent time nature journaling every week.
  • Each week, we will tackle a new environmental topic. (We are kicking off the program with Wildlife Observations!)
  • For each week’s topic, registrants are given a mix of activities that encourage them to get outside, challenge their observational abilities, learn more about the natural world around them, and let their creativity shine.
  • We’ll start each week with a virtual meeting so that our participants can interact with each other and the instructors. Mondays, we’ll go over the weekly activities and Fridays we’ll discuss and share what we learned and explored that week.
  • Through investigations and observations, participants will develop a deeper appreciation for their environment and their watershed.