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Stay up-to-date on our latest videos on the Friends of the North Fork YouTube Channel, including the four lectures from our 2021 Seven Bends Lecture Series, “How Water Shapes the Valley” (below)!

“A Sedimental Journey: How Historic Deforestation Degrades Waterways Today” by Chris Bolgiano

“Connections between Riparian Buffers, Water Quality and Fish Habitat” by Paul Bugas and Matt Wolanski

“A Geological Odyssey Through Deep Time” by Russell Kohrs

“Down By the Riverside: Burial Practices of the Enslaved” by Sarah Kohrs

Also on our channel, part of Shenandoah County Historical Society’s 20th Annual Shenandoah County Heritage Day, is “Woodstock Reservoirs: A Brief History of Water in Woodstock” by Program Coordinator Mariama Dryak.