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Broadway High School River Cleanup a Success

On October 11, students from Broadway High School participated in a day of giving back to their community. There were two groups of roughly 20 students, that collected trash in different locations with the help of teachers and Friends volunteers.

Those at the first location near the intersection of 789 and 617 in Broadway collected 15 heavy bags of trash. There was a lot of glass and metal found, with larger items as well. Some of the larger items included an old television, parts of a toilet, a green rug, an air conditioner, two pieces of metal, and four tires. The Friends volunteer that helped this group recalled that now of the tires was buried deep and required four boys working with sharp rocks and a found chisel to free this tire. The group was saddened when they had to leave behind a section of fence, and an old bench seat from a car.

The second group had great success with their clean up as well. The second group collected from a section of the river near Route 42 in Timberville. The group collected around 500 pounds of trash, which filled up the back of a full bed pick-up truck. Among the larger items found were tires, plastic lawn chairs, half a kayak paddle, and the front bumper of a compact car. The smaller items of trash that included paper, glass and plastic bottles, and metal and aluminum can filled over 15 trash bags. This group was described by their Friends volunteer helper as being enthusiastic about the collection and happy to help their community by collecting trash.

Overall the students enjoyed their day of helping the community and were pleased with pulling as much trash as they could from within and around the river. These students show how small groups of people can help the river with small acts.