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Autumn Lecture Series: Nuisance Algae Issues in the Shenandoah Basin

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The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been working on the issue of nuisance algae in the Shenandoah Basin since 2014.   The agency first began discussing and studying how filamentous green algae, a non-toxigenic order of aquatic algae, was affecting the recreational use of rivers seven years ago, and has collected data and photos every growing season since.  Local stakeholder groups are also involved in the attempt to understand and characterize algae growth in the North Fork, South Fork and main stem Shenandoah Rivers.  On November 18, Water Monitoring and Assessment Program Manager Sandra Mueller and Regional Water Monitoring Manager Tara Wyrick will review DEQ’s monitoring protocols, present the data available, and review recent progress made on the adoption of water quality criteria to protect the recreation use from nuisance algae.