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Advisory for Potentially Harmful Algal Bloom Issued for Stretch of the North Fork in Strasburg

The Lord Fairfax Health District has issued an advisory against swimming in the stretch of the North Fork along Bethel Road in Strasburg due to a potentially harmful algal bloom. Samples from algae in this area–near the Deer Rapids boat launch–are currently being tested for harmful bacteria, and until results are in later this week, people should not swim or let their pets in this part of the river. The algal blooms discovered at the Bethel Road area of Strasburg could be cyanobacteria, which “has the ability to put out a neurotoxin.” We will keep you posted as we receive more information, and as the test results are posted.

A Health Department advisory cautions against swimming in the Bethel Road Area stretch of the North Fork due to potentially harmful algae blooms.

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See the Virginia Department of Health’s page on harmful algal blooms with a clarification between healthy and harmful algal blooms.

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An animal safety alert issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in relation to Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).